Monday, January 28, 2013


Born in Riverside 1935, she is a Third Generation Californian. 

Her early childhood years were enchanted by her father’s workshop in which he made wondrous things from wood. He was a master craftsman and a contractor in the building trades as his father before him.

Small wooden pieces of wood became elements she constructed into magical images she read about in her fairy tale books. These small works became her inner way to communicate with the world around her.

Her education was completed in 1975 after her children were in school, and she taught school emphasizing the arts in all forms to the children in her classes.

Whittier College 1965 BA with majors in Art, Psychology, and Education.
Her early training in the elements of sculpture making was under the guidance of master acrylic sculptor Bijan Bahar. He taught her how to cast in resin, and the intricacies of mold making.  Then she”found” bronze.

Artist Statement

A lasting love affair with the images of Henry Moore, and Rodin are my guiding truth. Both sculptors had their own unique genre, and both were true unto their inner drummer.
Finding Bronze was my doorway to the visions always there in my heart. The strength of bronze gave birth to forms and connected them to the silver strands that drift down through time which become blended into my own visions of time and human awareness. The Sea is the underlying web that holds this world of desires together, and the bronze makes it possible”.

Community Outreach
Member of The Oceanside Arts Commission
Former Member of The Redevelopment Committee
Founder of Artist Alley Oceanside

Artist Educator for the ArtQuest Program at the 
Oceanside Museum of Art

Ruth Jameson